Valentines Night

I had a romantic dinner with my boyfriend. Honestly, I don’t think you really care about that though. Me neither to a point.

Treated him to some rimming, I’m not keen but it drives him crazy and also he then does it to me. It isn’t just a guy thing. I spent a really long time gently sucking and licking his balls before moving on to sucking him off. Tried deep throating, I’m not sure if I can do that again.

He used my rabbit on me before I decided I needed to be eaten out. I made him lie down so I could straddle his face and push my pussy into his face. Eating me out made me cum.

He doggy fucked me really hard, pulling on my hair and while I don’t like pain this was fucking awesome.

An hour later he fucked me again after I’d got him hard by letting him film me on my phone as I fingered myself while telling him how I wanted his cock.



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