I’m a bi-girl and a member of Image Fap, the pictures I like best are big black dick, big white dick, girl/girl and boy/boy. My favourites are boy/boy and watching guys wank themselves off.
Sexually I love sucking cock, cum in my mouth, on my body, having my tits played with, being fingered really hard, being eaten out, being fucked. Best positions for me are doggy and cowgirl.
I don’t like anal sex, anything painful or being called horrible names. Facials are OK if I’m in the mood but that is very rare.
I shave my pussy and expect my boyfriend to shave his balls and keep the rest nice and short.

I have a girlfriend with benefits who I see every so often.

It goes without saying but I’m never going to give you my address, number or send you photo’s. If you want to send me something fine, if you don’t want it on this site say so otherwise I’ll assume you’re happy me posting pictures of your dick as I guess that’s all I’ll ever get.



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