Last night

My boyfriend was super horny last night his hands were everywhere.

I’ve discovered that I really like him rubbing my slit while I still have my pants on. The feeling of the material against my clit is just amazing. He also gathered up the material and pulled it up, so basically he gave me a pussy wedgey. It hurt just a little bit but the pleasure far outweighed the pain. I’ve never really been into pain but I think it’s something I need to explore. The huge dildo I bought I think started this.

He ate me out and made me cum, he then fucked me really hard and fast, by the end of it I was nearly in tears but in a good way. Just thinking about it has got me a little bit wet. Ha!



Got way too drunk on Saturday to do anything.

Sunday afternoon gave boyfriend a BJ and a lot of ball sack licking (he loves that) He briefly ate me out then fucked me doggy.

Shopping Update!

Well yes my boyfriend does hate it ha!

I knew it was big but it wasn’t until I had it in my hands did I realise just how big it is. If I hold it in my hand I can’t get my thumb and finger to touch. It has veins on it!

It needs a ton of lube and so far I’ve not got much in, I think I’ve just got a little bit down from the head. It’s going to be fun playing with it.

Sucked my boyfriend off then finished with a hand job so he could cum on my tits by way of compensation for my new dildo purchase.

Valentines Night

I had a romantic dinner with my boyfriend. Honestly, I don’t think you really care about that though. Me neither to a point.

Treated him to some rimming, I’m not keen but it drives him crazy and also he then does it to me. It isn’t just a guy thing. I spent a really long time gently sucking and licking his balls before moving on to sucking him off. Tried deep throating, I’m not sure if I can do that again.

He used my rabbit on me before I decided I needed to be eaten out. I made him lie down so I could straddle his face and push my pussy into his face. Eating me out made me cum.

He doggy fucked me really hard, pulling on my hair and while I don’t like pain this was fucking awesome.

An hour later he fucked me again after I’d got him hard by letting him film me on my phone as I fingered myself while telling him how I wanted his cock.


Valentines Weekend Ready

Boyfriend organised – check!

Clothes sorted – check!

Underwear sorted – check!

Make-up ready – check!

Hair appointment – arranged for Saturday morning.

Legs/Underarm/Pussy shaved – to do Saturday morning.

I think I’m ready. I haven’t missed anything have I?

Obviously I need to think about what I’m going to do with him, it’s been over a week and all I’ve had is myself to play with. Don’t get me wrong I love flicking my bean but sometimes it’s just not enough. Sometimes there’s an itch that needs a particular scratch to satisfy it…

Saturday January 23rd

Hello again. I think I have a bit of a thing for sucking my boyfriend off.

Worked a lot sucking his balls and teasing his cock with my tongue. every time he came close to cumming I’d ease off. I don’t want him to cum too soon.

Straddled him and pushed my pussy into his face, nothing beats the feeling of his tongue on my pussy then I let my body weight push it down into his face. Sometimes I wonder if he can breathe, I’m sure he’d say if he couldn’t.

Finished by a very quick missionary fuck, he practically came almost as soon as he started fucking me, I guess I got him to a point of no return with the oral.

Finished myself off with my rabbit – 8/10